Filmmaker and creative visionary from Vienna. Through his career as a skater he was able to participate early in the formation of films about skating. After a memorable trip through the USA with a 70s Chevy pickup, where he met many interesting and inspiring people, he realized that he wanted to share this experience, memories, and stories with others. Nik strives for the unexpected. He knows that it is essential to understand both the target audience and the consumers in order to create something special, a unique experience. That is why empathy is important to him during the emergence of a film. With his camera, he wants to capture emotions and gestures to convey a feeling of trust and familiarity between the customer and the brand. In the short time Nik already made films, he has already managed to work with professional athletes like David Alaba, whose outstanding career he accompanies with the camera.


Julia has always been inspired by the world of images and the stories she tells. Before working in the film industry, she has visited the Modeschule Herbststraße. Already during her last year, she has started working on different set designs for several television productions and has thus found her true passion: the film. So she took up the challenge and, besides her studies of art history and theater film and media sciences, also began her diploma in digital film and animation, where she met Nik. Julia is hardworking, works hard until everything is done, but still has a smile on her face and can still win something good even in the most difficult situation.




Lauren has always been involved and surrounded by art, but has soon found out that her main interest are within the world of film. The connection between sound, picture and space one can create, have aroused in her a desire to express herself and her creativity through film. This is why in 2012 she decided to study film. Throughout her studies she made sure to work on as many film sets and gain as much experience as possible, as she believes it is important, if not necessary, to constantly be learning, especially in the quickly changing world of film and animation. At the moment she is working as a freelancer within the film industry, focusing both on her own but also various other projects, such as being in charge for the Live Stream at the Opera house in Vienna for example.



From a very early age, Martin has been passionate about all things regarding music, technology, film and the many potentials that lie within these areas. Throughout his years of working in this sector, Martin has not only seen the change within the digital audio technology industry, but actively experienced the evolution of both Audio and Film throughout time. After working in IT for more than 14 years now, mainly within the field of marketing and project management, Martin decided it was time to turn his back on the world of corporates and follow his real passion, being both a sound designer but also engineer, working on set and in post production also. His ability to add an emotional appeal to different sound layers, by giving them the little extra, Martin has been gifted with a special skill, which is creating a complete master piece. He sees something, hears something, knows what’s missing to give it the final touch and this is why he is a unique member of the team.



Saied – a perfectionist per se – making sure the smallest things have been made to perfection, has been actively involved with sounds and recordings from a very early stage. Next to many other talents, he is an inflected speech artist, having already recorded his very own Longplayer called “Adoleszenz” (Lyrics, Arrangement and SFX by him). This is also why he decided to build a small studio, when he was living back in Linz, in order to have his own space to express his creativity in many ways, that studio becoming his small little creative workshop area. Saied’s main interest and priority lies in the overall planning, the technical but also the creative aspect of any project he is involved with, but also the ability and necessity of improvisations in times where changes need to be made quickly.

Playing sports such as soccer and basketball from when he was very young, have taught him the importance of being a team player, as he believes that only together we can create something special, something very unique. He is an ambitious, sociable person who makes sure theses characteristics flow into any project he is working on, with ambition and drive, to ensure the best possible outcome.

Stefan Diesner


I think therefore I am. I think therefore I take pictures.

Over the past several years, I have lived by these words. Anyone who knows me knows that it affects me in a deep way. That is exactly what I am trying to achieve with my photography. I want my photos to resonate inside the viewers’ mind and body. I would like to tear you away from reality for a moment and show you a different perspective of things and help you understand it.

AMOR EST vitae essentia…

Samy Waltersam


Over 10 years now, I have been digging my head deep into the arts of web and graphic design, but have really been fascinated by the world of programming lately. With the work I do, my ultimate goal is to create a unique experience tailored to individuals’ needs.

I try to approach every project, with a clear and open mind combining my technical skill - set, with a unique view on the combination of colours, forms and differential positioning. I believe that a web designer’s responsibility, my responsibility, not only lies within finding the right balance between forms and functions, but create an easily navigable experience for customers. This is why I constantly try to expand my skill set in regards to the tools I use, as I believe this is the only way to satisfy and impress consumers.

Generic web design is dead - Cheers to designing the ultimate experience you will never forget!

Andreas Izay


Andreas is a humorous and charismatic free spirit who captures adventure and cultural diversity of the world with his camera every moment he gets. The idea of moving images for him is not just a way to communicate, but also a way to capture emotion, perspective and the experimentation of colour. Additionally, he has the ability to express himself in a unique way, making him a great asset to any project. He wants to offer the viewers an experience.


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